Adjust If You Must: How To Know If Your Eyeglasses Need An Adjustment

Ordering prescription glasses online is a simple way to get your eyewear delivered straight to your doorstep. Easy as it may be, we understand you may have some lingering questions. How do I pick the right frame? What if the color doesn’t suit me? The most important question: will they fit? All of which are valid concerns. 

Not only can ill-fitting glasses be frustrating, but they can also cause headaches and eye strain.

Here are a few ways to determine if your new glasses are the wrong fit or just need an adjustment.

First, look in the mirror at yourself. This may seem like a given but really look at yourself with the glasses on. Do you like what you see? Are your eyes properly centered?  Is there too much space between your face and the sides of your glasses? An important part of fit is determining where your eye sits in the frame. Your eyes should be well centered in the frame. Eyeglass frames that are too wide will make your eyes appear too close together, while narrow frames will give your eyes a wide-set look.

If the frame is right and the color looks great, then you’re off to a good start!

Next, move your head up and down and side to side. If the frame slides off your face or falls off, don’t feel like you’ve made the wrong choice. It doesn’t mean the frame isn’t for you, it just needs the proper adjustments by a licensed optician for a more secure fit. 

Now, what if the opposite happens? What if you put the glasses on and there’s some resistance? If the temples are pressing into the side of your face and you feel like you have to force them on, once again, all that’s needed is an adjustment. Take your glasses to a licensed optician to have the frame fit to your comfort level.

Adjustments are a common practice. They are quick, easy and any optician can do them for you.

Buying glasses is definitely not a one size fits all situation (which is why we have many sizes to choose from!), but with the right adjustments, we can make sure you have your perfect pair! 

Still have questions? Our frame fit specialists are waiting to help you get framed!

Check out Dr. Harvey Moscot discussing proper frame fit.

One of our frame specialists can get you properly sized and fit at MOSCOT

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