ALL EYES ON: Jared Scharff

MOSCOT Music presents a new and exciting series called “All Eyes On” where we introduce and support up-and-coming musicians through a series of videos, interviews and blog posts.  We started this week off with a heavy hitter and sat down with Saturday Night Live guitarist, Jared Scharff, to find out how he got his start in the biz and why he loves The LEMTOSH! Showcased in our MOSCOT Gallery & Music Space on Orchard Street, Jared quickly impressed us with his humor and energy and we gotta be honest – we didn’t want the interview to come to an end!  Having loved the guitar since a young age, attending NYU, “shredding” back to back with Sting – we had to learn more about how he got his start.  And although fellow guitar enthusiast, Dr. Harvey Moscot, knew what shredding was – we had to ask Jared to show us a preview of how to properly shred! Watch the full interview with Jared Scharff here and tune in to all MOSCOT Music things by signing up for our monthly newsletters! 


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