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HBO’s Sex and the City reboot, And Just Like That, certainly made a BIG splash on its premiering weekend with the long-awaited return of beloved characters, costumes, and charisma. In true Sex and the City fashion, the stars were styled to perfection with many MOSCOT eyeglasses featured on the faces of our favorite focal points.

Chris Noth playing John James Preston—better known as Mr. Big—wears MOSCOT’s signature style, The LEMTOSH in Matte Black in a scene reading before bed. The LEMTOSH glasses are handcrafted using Italian acetate and feature iconic diamond-shaped rivets and real hinges and hardware.

Chris Noth wears The LEMTOSH in And Just Like That

Leading lady, Cynthia Nixon, reprised her role as Miranda Hobbes with a sleek new hairdo and crystal glasses, wearing MOSCOT’s MILTZEN eyeglasses in Blush. Handcrafted from Italian acetate, these round frames are available in 12 colorways—from bold and bright hues like Emerald and Ruby, to classic colorways like Crystal, Blush, and Tortoise.


Cynthia Nixon wears The MILTZEN in Blush

Beloved best friend and confidante to Carrie, Stanford Blatch—portrayed by Willie Garson— is known for his colorful wardrobe full of statement pieces. In the first two episodes of And Just Like That, Garson makes a splash in two custom tinted glasses. Paired with a monochromatic periwinkle suit, Garson wears The MILTZEN in Ruby with Celebrity Blue Custom Made Tinted™ lenses in the premiering episode of the rebooted series. Episode two showcases Garson in The TELENA in Butterscotch with a lightened hue of MOSCOT’s Purple Nurple Custom Made Tint™. Wille Garson, who succumbed to Cancer in September 2021, leaves behind a colorful legacy as a true fashion icon.

Willie Garson wears The MILTZEN in Ruby in And Just Like That
Willie Garson wears The TELENA in Butterscotch in And Just Like That

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