Behind the Scenes: Spring 2021 Collection Design

Take a look behind the lens as Chief Design Officer and 5th Generation, Zack Moscot, introduces the new Spring 2021 Collection and shares the family-passed story behind each heritage-inspired frame.

The new Spring 2021 Collection and shares the family-passed story behind each heritage-inspired frame.


ZM: The GONIF is our first-ever pure titanium aviator. You may recognize our distinct titanium temple tip design and even our Custom Made Tints™ that give this unique metal frame the glitz and glamour it truly deserves.

Story: In the early days of Saturday Night Live, our Orchard Street Shop managers would often field last minute calls for characters needing glamorous frames for that night’s show. With the glitz of titanium and shape hinting at an aviator, The GONIF was made to steal the spotlight.

The GONIF from the Spring 2021 Collection


ZM: The HITSIK is inspired by the famous musicians that came to MOSCOT in the 1960s. This classic frame features paddle temples and our most Classiconic™ color pairings such as Burnt Rose and Calibar Green glass lenses. This piece is nothing short of American rock ‘n roll!

Story: Back in the 60s, local musician Buddy was always found jammin’ around the East Village’s simmering music scene with a guitar slung across his hips and a pair of shades on top his head. An ode to our musical roots, and the classics we can’t live without, put your hands together for The HITSIK!


ZM: Utilizing the same great DNA of The LEMTOSH, The VANTZ embodies our world renowned pair of specs. Featuring new colorways such as Brown Bamboo and Ink, The VANTZ is a strong force to reckon with. This new frame is available in two sizes, Optical and Sun, and fits nearly all face types.

Story: If The LEMTOSH had a smart aleck little brother, his name would be VANTZ. With its subtle curves, small diamond rivets, and playful array of colorways, The VANTZ has the same great DNA as the beloved LEMTOSH, with its own feeling of flare. 


ZM: The TAMAVAT is an 80s inspired MOSCOT Original with big personality. This frame packs a punch and makes a bold statement using size, color, and intricate acetate details on the front and temple. Don’t underestimate The TAMAVAT!

Story: After a busy weekend in the Lower East Side, 4th Generation Harvey would take the staff across the street to a cool after-hours bar. Sheila, the bartender, had a big personality, and even bigger hair. In honor of her epic 80s style, and generous (read: big) pour, we cheers to Sheila and The TAMAVAT!

The TAMAVAT SUN from the Spring 2021 Collection


ZM: The PUPIK is a round, lightweight reverse Windsor rim with a distinct top bar and titanium nose pads. This frame is not only flexible, but also super comfortable. Just ask 4th Generation, Harvey Moscot, you’ll see him wearing The PUPIK this season!

Story: Whenever he had an extra buck and a little break, Uncle Heshy loved to play the horses at the OTB on Delancey. Always a fan of circular specs and a locked-in favorite, we bet The PUPIK would be Uncle Heshy’s next winning pick!

The PUPIK and PUPIK SUN from the Spring 2021 Collection


ZM: Made from thick block acetate with our signature MOSCOT diamond rivets, this extra chunky frame comes in two larger sizes and a handful of colorways. With the saddle bridge, soft beveled edges, and added height, The YONTIF takes on a more fashion-forward approach.

Story: No need to wait for a special occasion to wear this chunky frame! Cut from block acetate into a streamlined shape, these spunky specs bring the party wherever you go—simply throw on your frame and have a good YONTIF


The YONTIF from the Spring 2021 Collection

ZM: I feel this new spring campaign and collection connects our family’s heritage to the resilience of New York City. We hope this new year brings us new sites, new hopes, and new success as we navigate into 2021.


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