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Clip-On Glasses Buying Guide

If you wear prescription eyeglasses, you know how much of a hassle it can be to switch back and forth between your everyday eyeglass frames and sunglasses throughout the day. Not only is it a hassle, taking up precious time, but it also requires you to purchase prescription sunglasses in addition to your eyeglasses.

Take the hassle out of your life with MOSCOT Clip-On glasses. Simply attach the Clip-On lenses to your everyday frames and transform your eyeglasses into sunglasses or blue-light glasses with ease.

In this Clip-On glasses buying guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Clip-On glasses, including which size to buy, the best styles, and how to attach them to your frames.


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Clip-On Glasses Size Chart

Choosing the correct size for your Clip-On glasses is essential to ensuring they fit securely to your MOSCOT frames. Every set of our Clip-On glasses corresponds with a style and size of our most popular MOSCOT Originals frames, so that you can be sure your Clip-Ons will fit snugly to your eyeglasses.

For example, if you wear eyeglasses with our LEMTOSH frames, then the CLIPTOSH Clip-On glasses are for you. Simply select the lens color you desire and be sure the size corresponds with your frames, whether they’re 44 (Narrow), 46 (Average), 49 (Wide), or 52 (Extra Wide).

Fun fact: Some of our clips are cross compatible. See the full list below!  

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How to Choose Clip-On Glasses

Choosing the right pair of Clip-Ons is easy, as all our Clip-On glasses are made to correspond with our most popular frame styles. All you have to do is select the Clip-On glasses that pair with your MOSCOT frame style and size.

Once you’ve picked the corresponding style and size, you can choose from a range of lens colors to find one that best fits your style. We also offer Clip-Ons in a selection of shade or blue-light lenses to meet a variety of needs.

Blue light Clip-On Glasses

Ease the strain on your eyes by attaching Clip-Ons with blue light filters to your eyeglasses. Extended exposure to blue light from devices such as computers and smartphones can add unwanted strain to your eyes. With blue light Clip-On glasses, you can reduce the strain on your eyes by attaching them to your everyday eyeglasses while using devices that emit blue light. 

Round Clip-On Sunglasses

Our Clip-Ons come in variety of styles and can be affixed to a range of our most popular frames. For round Clip-On sunglasses, explore our MILTZEN and ZEV frame Clip-On options. We also offer Clip-Ons for other MOSCOT Originals frame styles. Simply choose the Clip-On style that corresponds with your MOSCOT eyeglasses.

Universal Clip-On Sunglasses

All of our Clip-Ons are designed to fit specifically with one of our MOSCOT Originals frame styles. Each of our Clip-On lenses is easy to attach and detach from your MOSCOT frames as needed. Simply choose the Clip-On that pairs with your MOSCOT eyeglasses for a perfect fit every time.

Clip-On Glasses vs. Transition Lenses

If you’re looking for an easy way to switch between eyeglasses and sunglasses without switching frames, you have several options. These include Transition lenses and Clip-On glasses.

Transition lenses work by adapting to the light, becoming more and less shaded depending on the surroundings. While this makes adjusting the tint of the glasses relatively easy, it also means the wearer has no control over the tint of their lenses at any given time.

Clip-On glasses, on the other hand, can be attached and removed from your MOSCOT eyeglass’s frames as needed. Clip-Ons come in variety of tint colors, including CUSTOM MADE TINTS™ and can be made with blue-light lenses to ease the strain on your eyes while working at the computer.

How to Attach Clip-On Glasses

Attaching Clip-On glasses is easy. Simply pop them on to your frames as desired, and since each of our Clip-Ons is made to fit specifically with our frames, you don’t have to worry about them coming loose or scratching your lenses.

Where to Buy Clip-On Glasses

To find the perfect set of Clip-On glasses for your MOSCOT eyeglasses, check out our complete selection here. You can also explore our popular range of MOSCOT eyeglasses for stylish eyeglasses with your prescription.

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