Discover the Inspiration Behind the Fall 2020 Collection

Behind the inspiration of the Fall 2020 Collection

Hi there!

I want to take a moment to personally introduce you to our Fall 2020 collection that I have been working on over the last 24 months. This collection is very personal to me as I focused on creating new styles that speak to our core DNA, while also incorporating new design elements, techniques, colorways, and lens tints which make these styles perfect for a transition from day to night!

New York City, especially the Lower East Side where we were born, is an endless source of my inspiration. I am inspired by the people of the neighborhood, the creativity the environment evokes, the energy of the street, and the timeless architectural components of my surroundings.  All of these factors influenced my new designs, which incorporate pops of color as well as geometric details within the frame hardware. 

Please check out my 6 new designs and let me know what you think! Many styles offer multiple colorways in optical & sunglass and several sizes so you can find the right one for your face!

I hope to see you soon in our Shops as well as online at


Zack Moscot

5th Generation and Chief Design Officer
The DUDEL Design Sketch

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