The HASKEL and The SHINDIG Glasses

You’re invited to The SHINDIG… Our Fall 2020 Collection SHINDIG, that is!

Designed in the Lower East Side by Zack Moscot, 5th Generation & Chief Design Officer, the new collection features 6 new frame styles where classic design meets modern heritage details.

The bold new styles of the Fall-Winter 2020 Collection do not shy away from making a powerful statement that celebrates individuality and shared optimism for the future. Zack Moscot shares, “I designed the new collection with “new age heritage” in mind. Sensible, classic, and functional eyewear designed with an added flair of downtown edge and style.” He adds, “the new styles feature design elements, techniques and colorways that feel fresh, while remaining true to our family’s time-honored craft and New York City heritage.”



New icons are made in the campaign that feature frames that hold their own against the backdrop of the city. Sharing an endearing family tradition to celebrate everyday moments, The SHINDIG – a frame as fun as its name – is a classic square silhouette that takes on a whole new feel with Custom Made Tint™ lenses that can get a party started day or night! With a campaign born out of resilience and optimism, MOSCOT provides a sound reminder that there is always a reason to celebrate.


Thanks to our friends: Silvia Tcherassi, Seventy, Teddy Vonranson, All in Favor, Chiara Boni, Botti, and Lolitta.

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