A Father's Day Message

Father's Day Message from Zack Moscot

Dear Fellow Dads,

As the 5th Generation of my family’s business, I’ve always wondered what the next generation, the 6th Generation, of our business will look like. How can I pass on the torch the way my father did? How will we carry on this eyewear tradition as a family business? I’m sure my father, and his father, and his father’s father all had these same thoughts somewhere along their journey. I continue to wonder and think about the possibilities of what the next generation and the future of our business holds…

About 6 months ago my wife and I were blessed with twin girls! And here I am, today, celebrating my first Father’s Day as a dad of two baby girls in New York City. While we’ve all been struggling the past few months during this pandemic, I’ve had the lucky fortune of spending precious time with my babies. I am so grateful for this time with them, watching them grow and supporting my wife as we quickly became a family of 4! Sometimes we are all able to find our own silver lining during hard times.

This Father’s Day, I am profoundly grateful to be a dad and I am excited that my girls represent the prospect of our family’s 6th generation in business. Perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself, but the idea that one day I may have some serious girl power in the office inspires me! On my first Father’s Day I am going to do my best to appreciate and live in the moment. As summer is approaching, we all have our sights on sunnier days ahead and there is no doubt that lookin’ sharp on Father’s Day is key, especially for all those new dads out there. With that said, I’m sharing some of my go-to sunglasses that I’ll be rockin’ this Father’s Day and in the city throughout the summer. To all my dads out there, don’t underestimate the power of a pair of classy shades!

Keep it real and Happy Father’s Day.

A Father's Day Message

Zack Moscot

5th Generation

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