Lens Types: Standard vs. Advanced vs. Premier

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Once you’ve selected either Single Vision or Progressive lenses, the next step is choosing an appropriate material and lens enhancement(s) that best suit your lifestyle.

Single Vision Lens Types


MOSCOT’s Single Vision lenses are available in three different tiers. The first tier is called Standard Single Vision and is a standard uncoated plastic lens. Standard Single Vision lenses are most suitable for occasional usage, i.e., your frames spend the most time in their case.


The second tier is called Advanced Single Vision. This lens is also made from standard plastic but includes an anti-reflective treatment which allows more light to penetrate the lens, instead of reflecting off it, providing clearer vision. This lens offers both aesthetic benefits, as well as a diminished halo effect from oncoming headlights when driving at night. We recommend Advanced Single Vision lenses when your frame spends at least half the day on your face.


Our top tier is the Premier Single Vision—and our most popular option. This lens type is made with a more impact resistant and lightweight material called polycarbonate. Premier Single Vision lenses have a premium anti-reflective treatment, preserving the lens, making it more scratch resistant. We believe in it so much that we include a one-year warranty for any scratches or scuffs that may arise. These lenses are recommended for when your frame lives on your face!

Progressive Lens Types


As with Single Vision lenses, there are different tiers of Progressive prescription lenses. The first Progressive lens we offer is called Advanced Progressives. This is our basic entry into Progressive lenses and is made with lightweight and durable polycarbonate, inclusive of a premium anti-reflective coating. The guaranteed warranty is for two years.


Premier Progressive lenses are similar to the Advanced Progressives in material and premium anti-reflection but are also digitally surfaced to widen your fields of vision (or simply minimize peripheral blur). MOSCOT Premier Progressive is an all-purpose, digital design with a perfect balance between distance and near fields of vision.

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