Dee Dee Penny, lead singer of the Dum Dum Girls, graced the MOSCOT Gallery & Music Space last night, performing a number of her smooth melodies for MOSCOT fans. With a band name that pays homage to The Vaseline’s album Dum Dum, the music most definitely did not disappoint!

MOSCOT Orchard Street was filled with good vibes and people alike as Dee Dee and her guitarist and back-up vocalist Kurt Feldman of Ice Choir performed a stripped back set of Dum Dum Girls’ songs and even performed a new track! Satisfied and abuzz, the crowd graciously applauded after each of her enchanting songs.

A special thanks to Dee Dee and Kurt, and We Are Listen for the amazing show! To stay in the loop for more MOSCOT Music shows, visit us at and follow us at

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