MOSCOT Goes West to Chelsea Market

MOSCOT Goes West to Chelsea Market

MOSCOT’s new outpost at Chelsea Market represents its fourth stand-alone shop in NYC and its eighth globally. We’ve set up shop at 75th 9th Ave in Southern Chelsea on the Westside of Manhattan. Come check out our bold new frames and classic sunglasses, or stop in for a convenient eye exam: MOSCOT is ready to meet all of our fans in Chelsea!

The new shop will showcase the entire MOSCOT Collection, including special releases exclusive to MOSCOT shops.  Fans can expect the company’s signature interior replete of quirky and eclectic treasures found in all MOSCOT Shops. MOSCOT has been building our signature brand in Manhattan for over a century, and we’re sure to find new inspiration in Chelsea as we write new chapters to our story.

MOSCOT Goes West to Chelsea Market

CEO and 4th Generation, Dr. Harvey Moscot, takes the tint-a-majig for a whirl!

New to this location is the unveiling of our latest innovation only available at The Chelsea Market Shop, our Tint-A-Majig!  Yes – you read that right… a quirky, never-before-seen, arcade-style contraption that will allow you to experience MOSCOT’s custom-made lens-tinting options.  Not only is it a perfect try-before-you-buy gizmo, but it is also wacky, entertaining and authentically MOSCOT!

MOSCOT Goes West to Chelsea Market

The new location will also offer a nod to its neighboring tech giants by providing specially trained Doctors of Optometry to evaluate Computer Vision Syndrome and specific testing for those staring at computer screens all day.

In celebration of MOSCOT Chelsea Market, we held an explosive mid-day MOSCOT Music event with Andy Suzuki and The Method, along with an opening party!

MOSCOT Goes West to Chelsea Market
MOSCOT Goes West to Chelsea Market


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