The MOSCOT optical roots were first planted in America by Great Great Grandfather and family patriarch, Hyman Moscot, who arrived from Eastern Europe via Ellis Island in 1899. Hyman began selling ready-made eyeglasses from a pushcart on Orchard Street on Manhattan's famed Lower East Side. In 1915, MOSCOT’s first Shop opened, and for the past 105 years the MOSCOT Family has become deeply ingrained in the history and evolution of New York City. While now recognized as a global fashion brand, MOSCOT remains, at heart, a neighborhood optical Shop.

Working with Cherry Optical Labs, another family-owned independent wholesale optical laboratory, founded by Joe and Lynn Cherry in 1999 in Green Bay, Wisconsin, MOSCOT is focusing on giving back to our emergency medical professionals during this time in a special way. The two, multi-generational, family-owned American companies will provide MOSCOT frames that are fitted with clear lenses that can help to reduce exposure to airborne particles or fluid-borne pathogens from patients. This is also an effort to get healthcare providers solely reliant on their contact lenses into a pair of protective eyeglasses.

We received an overwhelming amount of requests and our team is working hard to respond as quickly as we can. We have pledged over $1.5 million worth of eyeglasses (that’s nearly 5,000 pairs!) to front line personnel and could not have done it without your help!

Although we have paused on receiving new requests at this time, we are working hard to find different ways to give back to those protecting our communities during this crisis. Please stay tuned, and if you have any questions or concerns, please drop us a line at

Thank you,

The MOSCOT Family

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