How To Order Prescription Glasses Online

We’ve been making prescription glasses since 1915! Build your frames online MOSCOT.COM in five easy steps and hear from 4th Generation, Dr. Harvey Moscot, and 5th Generation & Chief Design Officer, Zack Moscot, along the way!

Dr. Harvey Moscot: “When you think about it, eyeglasses, if you need them, are the first thing you put on in the morning, and the last thing you take off at night. So it’s a really critical element of your day. Having the right pair, that you are comfortable with, that you see well with, I can’t think of anything else more important.”

How To Order Prescription Glasses Online
Step One is to Select A Frame.

You can add prescription to any of our glasses, optical or sun! With over 100 years of optical expertise, we understand the importance of a proper fitting frame. Not sure which MOSCOT style is for you? There are a few general guidelines to help you find frames that not only look great but fit well too. Be sure to consider size, face shape, bridge fit, and style in selecting the right frame for your face. Don’t be afraid to mix things up!

Zack Moscot: “Most people typically take into consideration their personal sense of style and tastes before selecting a pair of frames. Today, we see that picking a pair of glasses is very much a fashion decision, and whether you want your frame to make a statement or disappear on the face, it’s completely up to you!”


How To Order Prescription Glasses Online
Next, choose your lenses!

Begin building your lenses based on prescription type. Choose Single Vision (one focus) for distance, reading, or everyday glasses. Choose Progressive Lenses (multi-focal) to combine all of your vision needs into one pair of glasses. These lenses correct near, intermediate, and distance fields of vision in one lens so you don’t have to switch between multiple pairs. Alternatively, you can add simple magnification to create Reading Glasses with no prescription necessary. Lastly, non-prescription lenses offer style and protection with no vision correction.

How To Order Prescription Glasses Online

Did Ya Know?

There are several upgrades available to add to your complete pair! Want to go indoor to outdoor without switching your frames? Turn your eyeglasses to sunglasses in minutes with Transitional lenses. Do you wear these in front of a computer? Help to eliminate eyestrain while viewing digital devices by adding Blue Light protection with Digital Relief. Want to make your lenses thinner? Select hi-index for the thinnest lens for prescriptions outside of +/-4.00 to ensure a comfortable fit. You can also pop on a fashion tint in 20 unique colorways with MOSCOT Custom Made Tints™ or simply throw on some shade with a Clip-On Sunglass.

How To Order Prescription Glasses Online
After that, add your Prescription.

During your checkout process, you can add your prescription information. Enter your prescription manually, send it in later (don’t worry, we’ll send you a reminder!), or we can call your doctor!

Fabricated in our NYC Lab

Every pair of prescription eyewear is carefully verified and quality controlled in our own MOSCOT Lab by our Licensed Opticians and meet a rigorous standard of excellence. From in-house frame design to final quality control testing - every MOSCOT frame is adjusted, cleaned, and inspected in our New York City labs before it is packaged and shipped to you!

Dr. Harvey Moscot: “There’s a real complexity to an eyeglass prescription. Different needs require different lenses, and the proper fabrication of them to exact specification is super important to us. We understand how it needs to be interpreted, and how it needs to be made exactly the way it is written.”

How To Order Prescription Glasses Online
Enjoy your new frames!

Our MOSCOT Family Members can assist you along the way. Questions on lenses? We’ve got answers! If you’ve ordered prescription glasses with us before, we can look it up! Give us a ring: 1.866.MOSCOTS or Email us:

Dr. Harvey Moscot: “’Your vision is our concern.’ That was my grandfather’s guiding principle—that providing vision and doing the right thing for the customer and giving them the right type of lens for their particular visual condition was paramount. We want everyone to put on a pair of MOSCOTs with their new prescription and say ‘Wow! This is the clearest I’ve ever seen!’”

How To Order Prescription Glasses Online

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