Shades of MOSCOT Blue

Take a dip into these hues and get to know the iconic shades of MOSCOT Blue. From gradient shades to lightweight lenses, see the full spectrum of MOSCOT Blue.

While blue tinted glasses have made their way into becoming popular fashion lenses, they also hold a practical function with UV protective lenses. Blue tinted sunglasses can also help to reduce glare in snowy, foggy, or misty conditions by improving contours and color perception. Blue lenses may even boost your mood invoking a calming and relaxing effect. Check out the shades below and see for yourself!

All MOSCOT Custom Made Tints™ are available in The LEMTOSH, The MILTZEN, The SHTARKER, and The ZEV, as well as in a number of Clip-On options. 

Shades of MOSCOT Blue

The SHTARKER with Bel Air Blue Tint

Bel Air Blue Tint – Our lightest shade is handmade and dip dyed into a pale powder blue. The Bel Air Blue shade is a great indoor eyeglass option for a pop of color all day long!

Shades of MOSCOT Blue

The MOMZA SUN in Cinnamon with Blue Glass Lenses. Shop Here.

Mineral Blue Glass Lenses – Our Mineral Blue Glass lenses can be found in several MOSCOT Original SUN frames such as The MOMZA, The MISH, The KAVELL, The LEMTOSH-TT SE, The MILTZEN-TT SE, and The TELENA. Mineral Glass Lenses provide the most optically correct, clearest vision of any material and the Blue colorway doubles down on style.

Shades of MOSCOT Blue

The MILTZEN with Broadway Blue Fade Tint.

Broadway Blue Fade Tint – The gradient lens of Broadway Blue Fade packs a punch, melting from vibrant blue to a lighter hue. This tint takes center stage for all day shade.

Shades of MOSCOT Blue

The ZEV with Celebrity Blue Tint..

Celebrity Blue Tint – The bright and bold Celebrity Blue Tint provides a midtone color for the everyday wearer. The medium tone has a warm and optimistic feeling creating a comfortable experience, while simultaneously radiating a sense of fun and lightheartedness.

Shades of MOSCOT Blue

The LEMTOSH with Denim Blue Tint.

Denim Blue Tint – Not too dark and not too light, Denim Blue softens into a cool medium tone—just like your favorite pair of jeans. Fading from a darker shade, Denim Blue can be worn as a Sunglass providing protection and style all in one.

Shades of MOSCOT Blue

The ZEV-TT SE SUN with Navy Gradient Lenses. Shop Here.

Navy Gradient Nylon Lenses – Exclusively available in the ZEV-TT SUN, these navy gradient lenses are flat and ultralightweight, perfectly poised for a day in the sun.


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Shop Custom Made Tints™ for The LEMTOSH, The MILTZEN, The SHARTKER, The ZEV, The CLIPTOSH, and CLIPZEN here. Have further customization questions? We’re here to help! Contact a MOSCOT frame fit specialist at or by calling (866) MOSCOTS!

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