Sun Care Tips with Dr. Harvey Moscot

Keep your eyes happy and healthy year-round with sun protection eyecare tips! Dr. Harvey Moscot weighs in.

Sun Care Tips with Dr. Harvey Moscot
How do I protect my eyes from the sun on bright summer days?

Protecting Your Eyes from the Sun: Both the outside and the inside of our eyes can be damaged by the UV radiation of the Sun! Protecting the outside tissues of the eyes must include the use of a wide brim hat (a hat alone can offer up to 50% protection) and, of course, closely fitting sunglasses with proper UV protection.


Do darker sun lenses provide greater UV protection?

Lenses do not have to be dark to provide UV protection. In fact, some materials such as polycarbonate lenses have UV protection built in, and the color of the lens just helps filter out the amount of light that is allowed to enter into the eye. Other lens materials such as mineral glass lenses (authentically used in many MOSCOT Sunglasses) also provides UV protection, in addition to scratch resistance, and clear, distortion-free vision.


Do MOSCOT Sunglasses provide UV protection?

All MOSCOT Sunglasses provide optimal protection against UV radiation (harmful rays from the sun). Remember that UV radiation exists year-round and that the color of the lens has no impact on UV radiation protection by the lens.


What is the difference between Polarization and UV protection?

UV Protection helps shield your eyes from dangerous rays from the sun, while polarized lenses offer the best way to help eliminate annoying glare from the sun. Having ultraviolet protection is important for eye health, while polarization is more of a preference. Polarized lenses are fabricated in a unique way that is specifically designed to reduce glare from intense reflected light. As glare is caused from the sun reflecting off of water, or a solid surface, polarized lenses are particularly beneficial while at the beach or lake, or while participating in outdoor activities such as water sports or fishing.


What is Ultra Violet radiation and why do we need UV protection?

UV light, or UV radiation, consists of three categories of “invisible” radiation: UV C, UV B, and UV A. UV C is the highest energy and most damaging form, but thankfully most of it is blocked by the atmosphere. UV B is also partially filtered by the ozone layer, but some gets through—causing sunburn—and does the most damage to our skin around our eyes. The good news is that UV B is blocked by our corneas and does not cause as much damage to the inside of our eyes that UV A does.

UV A, is the category that is believed to cause the most problems inside our eyes, such as cataracts (the lens inside our eyes gets cloudy and interferes with vision) and macula degeneration (most critical part of our retina that gets effected and degrades our central vision).

Proper UV filtering sunglasses will block UV A light and can help prevent these conditions.


What are the dangers of too much UV radiation exposure to our eyes?

Have you ever seen what is commonly referred to as “surfer’s eyes”?  With this condition you will notice a change in the color or thickening of the white part of one’s eyes. This condition, known as a Pterygium (and to lesser extent Pingueculae), can actually affect the cornea and if untreated can eventually impact one’s vision. Also, the sensitive tissues on our eyeballs such as the cornea and conjunctiva can sustain sun damage.


Can I add my prescription to my sunglasses?

Yes! You can add prescription lenses to any of our sunglasses!

Plus, there are many options to achieve sun protection in your ideal style. Add photochromatic to your prescription lenses and watch your lenses change in color from indoors to out (go from clear to dark) without the need to switch frames. No contacts? No problem. Clip your sun lenses right over your favorite pair of eyeglasses.

Our MOSCOT Family Members can assist you along the way. Build prescription lenses with add-on services! Give us a ring: 1.866.MOSCOTS or Email us:

All of our sunglasses reflect our rich heritage, combining expert craftsmanship with the refined tastes of downtown New York. Protect your eyes year-round and check out MOSCOT’s full sunglass offerings.

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