Titanium Temple Collection

The MOSCOT Titanium Temple collection, distinguished as the TTs, demonstrates over 100 years of craftsmanship with sleek and elevated takes on Original MOSCOT styles. The four exclusive Titanium glasses frames feature modern heritage details like the innovation of the teardrop temple tip, gold and silver color coordinating hardware, and seamless mixed material integration. Designed as luxurious yet lightweight takes on the classics, these titanium glasses frames provide comfort and style all in one.

The LEMTOSH-TT Special Edition is handcrafted using premium acetate, mixed with gold Titanium temples, gold rivets and hinges, and sunglasses made with real blue glass lenses. When Great Great Grandfather Hyman arrived on Ellis Island over 120 years ago, he heard, "What is your name, where are you from?" shouted from a distance. Although the ground was not paved in gold as promised, we wanted to honor his ambitious thinking by launching a Special Edition of the treasured LEMTOSH, a frame for both men and women.


Like The LEMTOSH, The MILTZEN-TT Special Edition is crafted using a combination of metal and Italian acetate, color coordinating silver and gold titanium temple tips, rivets, and hinges, and real blue glass lenses in the Sunglass. Uncle Heshy would find any excuse to throw a good party. The MILTZEN-TT SE is an homage to his celebratory tendencies, featuring a sleeker, elevated take on this beloved frame. To those of you who live like Uncle Heshy, and want to up your game for the night, this one’s for you!

The KORVA-TT is a 70s inspired frame made with modern construction. This thinner, sleeker, and more streamlined aviator is perfect for the free-spirit and dare-devil alike! These hypoallergenic teardrop temple tips are made with exclusive silver and gold titanium and coordinate with the raised double-dot rivets on the temples.

Stronger than steel, but lighter in weight, The ZEV-TT Special Edition is a reworked masterpiece of the beloved MOSCOT Original, The ZEV, and debuts in gold Titanium. The ZEV-TT Sunglass has nylon, navy gradient lenses and a backside A/R coating.

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